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About OS Labs

Why Open Source Matters

Open Source Labs (OSLabs) is a selective community of dedicated engineers with the shared mission of driving creative technological through open source.

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Open source software (OSS) is said by many to be one of the primary staples in the infrastructure of modern technology. it is what helps drive innovation, transparency, and collaboration between developers and the users of a project. Nearly all software today relies on free, public code, written and maintained by communities of developers.

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Open source projects are great for those who want to improve their coding skills while at the same time contributing to project in a meaningful way that is used by many others.

Partnerships Partners and Sponsors

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Our partners are leaders in their industry. They contribute to OSLabs in a multitude of ways including engineering time and the spearheading of cutting edge technologies.

Image of Joovay Arias

Joovay Arias

Full Stack Engineer at Spotify

Image of Eve Porcello

Eve Porcello

Author of Learning React & Learning GraphQL

Image of Phillip Troutman

Phillip Troutman

Senior Software Engineer at Codesmith

Projects Featured OS Labs Projects

OSLabs has produced and continues to maintain some of the most predominantly user developers tools in the industry today from technology specific IDEs, prototyping software, integration libraries to data visualizers, and K8 cluster orchestration tools.

  • Swell

    A streaming-focused API development tool

    Swell is a Streaming API development tool that enables developers to test API endpoints served over modern networking technologies including Server-Sent Events (SSE), WebSocket, and HTTP2.

    Thumbnail of React Proto Interface
  • ReacType

    Prototyping Tool for exporting React/Typescript Applications

    ReacType is a visual prototyping tool for developers employing React component architecture alongside the comprehensive type checking of TypeScript. In other words, you can draw prototypes and export React / Typescript code!

    Thumbnail of React Proto Interface
  • Prevue

    All in One Prototyping tool for Vue Developers

    PreVue provides a cross-platform desktop prototyping tool that allows the user to conceptualize their Vue component architecture and export a fully functional Vue application. PreVue aims to give developers and designers the tools necessary for creating clean, organized, and intentional code from the beginning.

    Thumbnail of React Proto Interface